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Marc Geffen is uniquely qualified to represent you as a plaintiff in your personal injury matter. We come from a background of working with insurance companies and adjusters that gives us firsthand knowledge of how they evaluate and defend personal injury claims. It is this "insider’s view" that so strongly positions us to get you the best results.

The good news about personal injury lawsuits is that the majority of them are settled without ever going to trial. The bad news is that this creates a tendency among some attorneys to delay trial preparation in the hope that a settlement will be reached. This is a risky gamble that can result in clients being forced to choose between a less-than-fair settlement offer or an uncertain jury decision.

Ironically, early trial preparation is the best way to resolve a case without the need for trial. By increasing the prospects for a courtroom victory, momentum is built toward achieving the maximum settlement possible.

By preparing every case as if a trial may be necessary, we enable our clients to significantly influence the pace of the proceedings while always negotiating from a position of confidence and strength.

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