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Case types

Attorney-Client Relationship

Case types

  1. What type of cases do you represent?

    Personal Injury

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Attorney-Client Relationship

  1. What is an attorney - client relationship?

    The existence of an understood legal relationship between the parties must be positively established. In order to prove such a relationship, it is necessary to demonstrate the presence of some form of binding contract, whether express or implied, formal or informal.

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Legal Terms

  1. Accident

    an unexpected usually sudden event that occurs without intent or volition although sometimes through carelessness, unawareness, ignorance, or a combination of causes and that produces an unfortunate result (as an injury) for which the affected party may be entitled to relief under the law or to compensation under an insurance policy

  2. Breach of Duty

    By law, attorneys owe their clients duties of competence, loyalty and confidentiality. The violation of any one of these can be the basis for a legal malpractice claim. Establishing breach of duty requires expert testimony by an attorney who is qualified to say whether the conduct of the attorney-in-question fell below minimum standards. 

  3. Causation

    A probable connection must be shown between the attorney’s breach of duty and the specific harm sustained by the client. This is accomplished by effectively proving that "but for" the attorney’s conduct, the harm would not have occurred.

  4. Damages

    The client carries the burden of proving the nature and extent of the harm he or she has suffered. Doing so requires that evidence of lost profits, missed opportunities, emotional distress or other forms of injury be clearly presented.

  5. Independent Medical Examination (Ime)

    In many situations, a defendant will want to have an injured plaintiff seen by a particular physician in order to obtain on objective evaluation of the plaintiff's health. In litigation a defendant has the right to pay for their own doctor to perform a non invasive and non painful examination of the plantiff. The doctor will usally prepare a written report of his or her findings.

  6. Legal Malpractice

    Legal malpractice laws are designed to protect your rights as a client. If you believe you have the basis for a legal malpractice claim, Geffen Krupa is available to help you evaluate the situation, answer your questions, and if necessary, plan a suitable course of action.

  7. Negligence

    Negligence is failure to exercise the degree of care expected of a person of ordinary prudence in like circumstances in protecting others from a foreseeable and unreasonable risk of harm in a particular situation

  8. Power of Attorney

    an instrument containing an authorization for one to act as the agent of the principal that terminates esp. upon revocation by the principal or death of the principal or agent called also letter of attorney

  9. Probate

    Probate disputes also arise when it appears that the person managing a decedent’s estate has a conflict of interest, or is failing to perform his or her duties under the will or trust.

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